Leslie MacDonald, Let's Talk MarketingI’m Leslie MacDonald.  I help businesses understand their customers so they connect with their audience in the way that matters.

I’ve been a Professional Salesperson for over twenty years (please don’t hold that against me!).  That’s important for you to know from the get-go because I’ve got the experience to back up my work.  Back when radio salespeople really were like Herb Tarlek, I wasn’t very good at it. The next package designed to increase my bottom line did nothing for the client and it really didn’t sit well with me.  Thank heavens times have changed.

Now I am proud to be the top sales representative specializing in Marketing to Women.

I work with my clients to educate them in the areas of marketing that they require.  We discuss trends and topics like social media, understanding your customer and how to grab the attention of Gen Y when they literally have the attention span of a goldfish… What do you need to talk with me about?  You see, I understand that’s it important that you be able to use the marketing tools that are available to you to be able to connect with your customers.

Over the years I have worked in newspaper sales, television management and radio; working in both sales and inhouse as the assistant to the VP Sales Newcap Broadcasting and the GM CHUM Radio Halifax. I have lived through two amalgamations and two corporate sales in my radio career and have had to adapt each time. I’ve got to be honest; through it all my number one focus has always been on my clients – my partners. I work with national companies, small local companies and not for profits. You see, I understand the importance of using the marketing tools available to you to connect with your customers.

Are you ready to have a conversation?  Let’s talk marketing!